Posted by: wordsmithsuk | May 12, 2014

Creating effective bids and tenders

To win contracts, it is crucial to develop a consistent, effective approach to the way you produce bid young delegates with postits shutterstock_152612432submissions. Your bids or tenders must speak to prospective clients with professionalism and confidence. They must project a positive image of your organisation and present a powerful and distinctive case.

To produce submissions which work to obtain positive decisions from prospective clients, your documents must meet readers’ needs in terms of content, structure, style and tone. Your material must be clear and precise, using a level and style of language that will make sense to all readers. It is not just the words that are important; correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, hyphenation and capitalisation also play a vital role in conveying accurate and positive messages.

In winning contracts, the appearance of the document is as important as the text itself. A well laid out document enhances the professional brand that you seek create. An attractive, functional layout also engages readers and helps them to grasp key messages quickly and accurately.

Other people and teams inside and outside your organisation may contribute to the submissions that you are compiling. It is therefore essential to identify and develop efficient ways of integrating their material and, in the longer term, helping them to recognise your needs as the producer of the final publication. Establishing editorial house styles (possibly including templates) and workflows are key components of achieving this aim.

For all these reasons, it is vital to enhance your skills in editing, proofreading and page design. It is important to learn how to use technology to increase the efficiency and the consistency of your output. And in the longer term you must be able to meet readers’ need to access content digitally on tablets/iPad as well as on paper.

  • Do your bids and tenders often fail – even though you and your organisation have the skills and capacity to fulfil their requirements?
  • Do you need help in establishing an effective style and publication process for your bids and tenders?
  • Do you feel that the presentation and writing style of your bids and tenders could be improved?

Get in touch with us at Word Smiths to discuss the kinds of training and coaching that we can offer.


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