Posted by: wordsmithsuk | February 13, 2014

MInute writing: roles and responsibilities

In your role as minute taker and writer, you can complement the work of an effective chair – or 26256517partly compensate for one who may be less competent.

It is the responsibility of the chairperson to ensure that the meeting business is dealt with appropriately, and that the group reaches a consensus. In particular the chair must:

  • Set/approve the agenda
  • Brief the minute taker
  • Make sure that the agenda items are covered
  • Control participant contributions
  • Ensure that meeting objectives/desired outcomes are achieved.

The minute taker needs to be an active, although perhaps relatively silent, participant. The minute taker is responsible for:

  • Preparing the agenda
  • Preparing self
  • Taking the minutes during the meeting
  • Clarifying any misunderstandings with the chairperson
  • Typing up the minutes
  • Getting the minutes approved and sending them out to meeting participants.

Many minute takers are not aware that it is perfectly OK to interject assertively during a meeting to ask for clarification of decisions or to point out (politely) that discussions are becoming somewhat chaotic! After all, it is impossible to take notes if people are not sticking to the agenda or are going off the point.

What stops you being a less effective minute writer than you would like to be?

Please contact me if you would like to know how I can help you with your minute writing concerns and difficulties. Or check our course brochure for details of our training


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