Posted by: wordsmithsuk | December 29, 2012

Leading by example

I’m currently designing a bespoke course in team leadership, and have come across a wonderful montgomery_bernardlittle story about General Montgomery. Despite his many flaws, this man certainly knew how to win the loyalty of his men .

The story goes that in 1943 a battalion of soldiers was lined up waiting to be inspected by General Montgomery. It was raining and, although the officers wore raincoats, the troops had none and they were soaked. When Montgomery’s car pulled up he stepped out, wearing a raincoat. He took a few steps, stopped, went back to the car, took his coat off and returned to carry out the inspection. The troops cheered.

Actions, as they say, speak louder than words, so it is vital to be good role models for the people we want to lead. What we do as team leaders sends clear messages to the people around us.  We can be sure that everything we say and do will be noted and judged by the people who are responsible to us.

Your example will reinforce the habits you want to enforce and help weed out the ones you want to eliminate. Think about your behaviours at work– how can you lead by example?


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