Posted by: wordsmithsuk | October 24, 2012

Tips for speed reading success

One reason why people enjoy learning how to read faster is that the process uncovers skills and powers they never knew they had. It’s the same when you achieve any kind of difficult goal – running a marathon, building a successful business or travelling to far-off places.

But how can you consolidate the gains you make and become even faster in the weeks and months ahead? Here are a few habit helpers that can help you achieve success.

Learn the techniques

Always use the six basic speed reading habits. I have written about them here.

Those are the basic techniques you will need to practise on every day until this new way of reading becomes second nature.

Adopt a positive mindset

You can’t become an effective reader unless you believe in your ability to succeed. This means ditching any self-defeating ideas, and replacing them with positive ones. Positive thinking is not blind optimism; it’s a way of interpreting the facts so as to emphasise the aspects that will move you forward, rather than those that will hold you back.

Motivate yourself

You are more likely to succeed if you focus on the reasons why you want to become an efficient reader. What are your long-term goals? Perhaps you want to secure a more interesting, more highly-paid job? Or would you like to be able to get through more novels? Do you want to learn a lot about a wide range of subjects? With faster reading many exciting new worlds suddenly become accessible.

Set inspiring goals and plan how to achieve them

Planning is another vital ingredient of your long-term success. The things you’ll need to plan include:

  • What you intend to achieve on a monthly/daily and weekly basis (in terms of speed and/or comprehension)
  • How you intend to achieve this (what exercises or techniques will you use?)
  • When you will do your practice (what is the best time of day?)
  • What material you will practice on (it’s always best to start with something not too challenging). It often helps to write down your plan and to set time aside in your diary to implement it.

Practise regularly

A little bit every day – consistent practice, making small gains slowly – is far better than a big session every once in a while.

Record your progress

Recording your progress will help you identify how you are doing and work out what to do to make further improvements. Don’t just think about your speed – consider what benefits you are gaining from all your hard work. Notice how much better you are this week than last. If there are any problems, plan how you will overcome these.


You will never be able to read effectively if you are feeling stressed. Make a conscious effort to relax if you feel uptight when you are reading. There are many ways of doing this – taking a walk in the fresh air; stretching your arms, shoulders and neck or doing some deep breathing.

In many ways improving your reading speed is like learning a sport: you have to set goals, practise regularly, improve your technique, think positively and measure your progress. Many people have used these techniques to become better readers. If you want to, you can too!

Free e-books

If you would like to know more about Mind Mapping or speed reading, simply email we’ll send you the download details of my e-books  Secrets of Speed Reading and/or Mind Mapping for Memory and Creativity.



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