Posted by: wordsmithsuk | June 16, 2012

Mind Map of Claire Tomalin’s talk on Charles Dickens

At the Hay Literary Festival last week I heard Claire Tomalin speak about her autobiography of Charles Dickens. I’m glad to say she is a compelling speaker as well as a great writer. She presented a vivid sense of the man in the context of his family and his world. I liked the fact that Tomalin doesn’t hesitate to condemn Dickens when his behaviour demands it, yet she speaks with immense compassion and outstanding knowledge. I have not read the book yet, but it is sitting on my table waiting to be opened.

While listening to Claire talking, I composed a Mind Map. This was a great opportunity to practise Mind Mapping from the spoken word and the act of creating a Mind Map helped me to recall the key points of her presentation. It was very messy! But a couple of days later I  reviewed her presentation and my Mind Map and created the more beautiful one below. Drawing this Mind Map was a pleasure on many levels:

  • It helped me to relive the wonderful experience of hearing Claire Tomalin’s talk: it was like re-viewing a video
  • It helped to memorise key facts about her book – and about Dickens’ life
  • It was relaxing and fun.

So here’s my Mind Map – hope you enjoy it too!

If you would like to see a larger version of this Mind Map, please look at our June newsletter on our website. The page also gives you a link to our wonderful new ebook on Mind Mapping.


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