Posted by: wordsmithsuk | May 17, 2012

Mind Map of ‘The Artist’

I love creating Mind Maps to help me to recall films or books that I have particularly enjoyed. This is good practice for Mind Mapping. It is also a way of processing the information I have absorbed and of making sure that I will not forget key points of interest. When I come across items with similar themes, plots, characters or stars, I will quickly be able to make connections between the two items. After that, I can do further analysis based on my fresh insights.

It’s a few months since I saw the Oscar winning movie ‘The Artist’, but I really enjoyed it and want to keep it fresh in my mind. You will find it easier to understand my Mind Map if you saw the movie. If you have not seen it yet, maybe it will encourage you to do so soon!

This black, white, and silent film is about the black, white and silent era of Hollywood. It is a delightful romantic comedy which deals with the history of cinema, the power of love, female intelligence and male pride. The star of the film, George Valentin, stubbornly refuses to embrace the vulgar new technology of the talkies. He believes that silence is art and that he is an artist. As his career wanes, a new star is born in the shape of Valentin’s ‘love interest’ Peppy. She is on the upward escalator of stardom, radiating beauty and grace. Peppy’s success helps to bring about Valentin’s undoing, but this also unexpectedly saves him.

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