Posted by: wordsmithsuk | January 11, 2012

Review of ‘Business Networking’ by Heather Townsend

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Most business people now get the importance of networking. They are aware of it’s value in connecting with individuals and other businesses all over the world and for broadcasting marketing information. What many don’t understand is that networking is also about developing long-term relationships and creating a strong brand image. The point is to sell through people rather than directly to them. It’s easy to say – but difficult to do well. And more importantly, how can we busy professionals find the time to fit it all in?

Step forward networking guru Heather Townsend with her well structured and effectively written bible of business networking strategies, tips and techniques. This is a practical and engaging seminar from an acknowledged expert in a rapidly developing field. She tells us all the basics and then addresses our problems. There is no doubt that she has vast experience and heard all these questions before. The book covers everything the fledging or moderately experienced networker needs to know. For example:

  • Why networking is crucial to long-term business success
  • How to spot and create networking opportunities
  • How to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to get best value out of blogging
  • How to build a community
  • How to prepare for, behave at and follow up networking events and other face-to-face opportunities.

It adds up to an impressive overview of what we should all be doing to make sure that others notice us in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

One big problem is that people may confuse social networking and business networking. The result is that they spend too much time engaging in light-hearted banter about recipes or items in the news. Heather points out that, although there is a place for repartee, business networking must be properly planned and evaluated or it will waste our valuable time.

There’s too much in this book to take in at a single sitting. Having read it all and grasped the main points, my plan is to dip in and implement appropriate aspects over the next three months. The big challenge at the moment is to manage my time better, as networking does become addictive! As in many aspects of business life, success depends on following a tried and tested process, being persistent and applying discipline. It’s much like my fitness programme, but that’s another story.

Well done Heather, I give you five stars for a great book.

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