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Mind Mapping for Decision Making

Mind Mapping can be of tremendous value when you are trying to make a decision. Many of our decisions are made and acted on in a split second – sometimes the
process takes place so fast that we are hardly aware that we have actually made a decision. But it’s important to analyse what is happening and how the process can be improved because:

  • Your decisions are the means by which you move your work on to achieve your tasks and goals
  • The way in which you make decisions can determine the extent to which you are committed to the content of the decisions.

When you make a decision you are at a crossroads – having to select one option out of two or more alternatives. You have to make many different kinds of decisions: some are to do with your day to day activities; others are more long term and strategic in nature.

Try for yourself

Next time you have to make an important decision, try using the main branches of a Mind Map to identify the different options available and to explore the implications of each one. The process of free association around the alternatives, will enable you think deeply about them and, in some cases, to clarify your personal feelings. If a single Mind Map does not allow enough space to examine the different ideas in enough detail, you could make your preferred alternatives the topic of individual Mind Maps.

Some of the advantages of using Mind Mapping rather than ‘logical’ decision making processes are:

  • You may come up with ideas that you never though of before. This happens because you will be using both your creative right brain and your logical left brain
  • You may be able to think laterally as you become more relaxed. This means looking at a problem or a decision from a different point of view. It is important to allow the ‘wacky’ ideas to come as well as the more sensible ones – some of the greatest decisions and inventions in history have been developed from the strangest of beginnings
  • You can actually start to develop your ideas to see what they may involve. This process of exploration will help you to decide how you feel about the different options. It could also trigger new ideas
  • You can see how different ideas relate to each other. This may help you to combine two or more of them in the option you finally select
  • You may find, as many people do, that the very act of Mind Mapping actually helps you to identify the decision you want to make or recommend to others.

You can also use Mind Maps if the issue simply involves deciding between two obvious alternatives. The example above has been used to analyse the pros and cons of
moving to a new job. Notice that the creator has used the Mind Map to identify and record the pros and cons of each course of action.

How to learn and recall the information you need for success

The ability to remember is both more important and more of a challenge than ever before. Yet many people worry about their capacity to remember the facts, ideas, statistics, new names and faces that confront us all at every turn. And minor memory lapses often lead to feelings of insecurity, higher stress levels and further problems.

But in reality, everyone has an infinite capacity to remember. The skills and approaches that I describe in Memory and Learning for Success will enable anyone to remember everything that they need. By applying these skills, you will be able to constantly perform at peak levels and regularly succeed in areas that once seemed impossible.

Memory and Learning for Success also contains more information about the art and science of Mind Mapping. Find more information on our website at

And don’t forget to get in touch with your comments and questions. You can leave a comment on this blog, talk to me on twitter, find me on LinkedIn or email me at

Happy Mind Mapping!



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