Posted by: wordsmithsuk | August 18, 2010

Writing a business case: ensuring a strategic fit

You may want to write a business case if you’ve got a great idea for improving efficiency or reducing costs in your area of work. The previous article listed the things you need to analyse in order to create really good case. But to be sure of success, you need to be able to demonstrate that your idea will contribute to the long term success of the business. Senior managers are more likely to accept your idea if it fits in with the long-term strategic aims of the organisation.

For example:

  • If one of the aims is to achieve financial success, it is vital to show how your business idea will  save money, improve productivity or reduce costs.
  • If one of the aims is to attract and retain high quality staff, it may be possible to show how your idea will  improve staff morale and retention or contribute to diversity.
  • If the organisation is aiming to improve customer care, you may be able to demonstrate how your idea will contribute to this goal.
  • If the organisation wants to improve its carbon footprint, you would do well to show how your idea will  make a positive contributions to environmental targets or promote greater staff awareness of environmental issues.

Try to see what you are writing through the eyes of the the person, or people, who will ultimately decide to allow your changes to happen. What motivates or interests them? What objections may they have? Which buzz words or terms will push their buttons or turn them off? More often than not you stand the greatest chance of success if you present your argument for a course of action in terms of its beneficial impact on the success of your organisation.

The Word Smiths would like to know what problems you encounter when putting together a business case. What frustrations or questions do you have when writing?

Post your questions or observations about any aspect of business writing  in the space below.



  1. it’s really really helpful for me to write a good business case.
    Thanks for your articles.

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