Posted by: wordsmithsuk | January 9, 2010

Dear diary

In January 1660, in just such a frost as we are experiencing now, Samual Pepys started a diary that he was to keep for the next nine and a half years. He was 27 years old and living in Whitehall with his wife, Elizabeth, and maid, Jane.

He never set out an aim for his diary  but what makes his work so great is the juxtaposition of reflections on his own life with descriptions of  local, national and international events. His biographer, Claire Tomalin points out that, ‘without Pepys we would know much less about the most interesting century in our history, the 17th century, and a good deal less, too, about human nature’.

Well it seems right to be starting my own diary 350 years after Pepys almost to the day. My aim is to use this to reflect on things that I hear, see or read and try to make links with my work. It’s going to be a kind of open reflection, a way of developing ideas and, hopefully, a means of communicating with people out there who may be interested in the same things as me. I’m sure my ideas will develop as time passes and as I learn more about how to use the different features of Word Press.

I hope to post messages on this blog at least once a week – so look forward to seeing you here often!

Jane Smith


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